Welcome to Kraaiennest (The Crow’s Nest), a new sanctuary in the center of Gent.

What once was ‘De Braempoort’, a shopping gallery and an office complex, has now been squatted. Finally action and change after years of deterioration.

Shelters are failing. Squatting has become illegal. Vacant buildings and speculation go hand in hand.

That’s why we squat. Out of resistance. As a crowbar against the policy designed for yuppies and tourists. Gent smiles upon the rich but turns cold and unaffordable for the others. We refuse a future full of evictions, waiting lists and homelessness.

That’s why we are squatting the Crow’s Nest. We are conquering a place of celebration, of fire and culture. A warm, dry nest to hide, to plan and to fight.

To finally live where it was previously occupied.
Because… what is no longer allowed, is still possible.